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About EXIT Realty

Exit Realty is a full service real estate brokerage specializing in residential properties as well as commercial, land, and investment properties.  Technology is changing the way Exit real estate professionals service clients for the better. EXIT offers superior client service and a unique approach to the real estate industry.   As a result, Exit has become a major competitor in record time.

What's in a Name?
1.  EXIT is the most advertised word in the world.
2.  EXIT must be illuminated by law.
3.  EXIT suggests "SAFE PASSAGE".
4.  EXIT signs are strategically located.
5.  EXIT signs everywhere you turn - Subliminal effect.
6.  EXIT Repetition/Recognition/"MEMORY"  the real purpose of advertising. 
7.  EXIT  Four letters/Two syllables - ideal for "Memory".
8.  EXIT signs required by law. 
9.  EXIT Paid for with Other People's Money!
10. The Vendor is making an "EXIT".
11. Everybody is looking...for an EXIT ...

Call EXIT today and feel the momentum that is sweeping the country. It's not just a sign, it's a calling. Follow the EXIT sign...

Interested in a career in real estate? 

Exit Realty is a Canadian Real Estate franchise company that has quickly become one of the most successful Real Estate operations in history with 500 offices open and operating in Canada and the U.S. and over 10,000 sales associates in just 8 short years! We're a true Canadian success story.

Exity Realty was developed through many years of research by Steve Morris, the founder of Exity Realty. The agency's powerful formula guarantees growth, success and prosperity for everyone within its structure.

The commission structure allows agents to earn over 100% with no desk fee as well as build a retirement plan.


  • EARN MORE THAN 100% and pay NO DESK FEES!
  • PLUS 70% FREE COMMISSION ADVANCES (Canada only) on Firm Residential transactions.
  • PLUS 10% SPONSORING RESIDUALS (to a maximum of $10,000 per year) on closed transactions generated by each representative you introduce.
  • PLUS 7% RETIREMENT RESIDUALS. This Plan is enhanceable, convertible and portable!
  • PLUS 5% BENEFICIARY RESIDUALS to your chosen loved one